I'm always happy to add a fragrance at no extra charge! Just leave a note at checkout with your favorite go to scent 

This high foaming hand wash is made with saponified nourishing oils and raw goats milk. This is fragrance free, so you can personalize it by adding your own essential or fragrance oil. There's no need to dilute this with water. Simply pour into your favorite foaming soap dispenser and add desired amount of essential or fragrance oil. One teaspoon of polysorbate 20 can be added to help disperse the oil but is not necessary. An EO/FO modifier is also available at Wholesale Supply Plus (This is not a paid advertisement) and works beautifully. It becomes a part of and is considered a Fragrance after dispersed. 

Ingredients: water, saponified coconut oil, castor oil & coco butter, raw goats milk, citric acid

Goat Bubble Foaming Hand Wash 1 Gallon Jug

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