Whats So Great About Goats Milk Soap?

Whats So Great About Goats Milk Soap?

Nikki Rolando

People often ask why goats milk soap is so great. To answer that question, there are a lot of great things about it! 

  1. Goats Milk Soap Can Improve Dry Skin

      Goats milk is high in cholesterol, lipids and fatty acids that prevents moisture loss. Your skin has a lipid barrier to prevent moisture loss. People with extremely dry skin, usually have a low lipid level, allowing the skin to lose more moisture. Goats milk can help create that barrier one needs. Most commercial brands are harsh and can remove the natural oils your skin needs. 


    2. Goats Milk is a Natural Exfolient

Yay! I think this ones my favorite reason 😃

     Goats milk contains lactic acid which can naturally exfoliate dead skin cells, allowing your natural oils to come through and can be beneficial for anti aging of the skin. It also contains alpha-hydroxy acids that a lot of high end expensive brands add to their facial products, for exfoliation to help reduce age spots and minor scars.  


    3. Goats milk is great for acne and other skin conditions

      In some cases, when a soap that is too harsh, strips ones skin of its natural oils, the skin will work in overtime to replace the lost oils, in turn causing those dreaded pimples. 😫 Goats milk soap is known to be a gentle cleanser and can prevent excess moisture loss to help with this issue.

Please keep in mind that reasons for acne are not all from this reason and it's best to talk to your Dr. about treatments. This is not a "cure all"; however I will give a testimonial and say my 18 year old stressed out college daughter, suffers from stress acne and my activated charcoal goats milk soap really helps her. 🙂


   4. Goats milk has lots of vitamins and nutrients that ones skin will absorb.

     FYI I use raw goats milk in my hot process and liquid soaps, so none of the nutrients are cooked out 😁.  There are a lot of commercial brands out there claiming that their soap contains goats milk. I cannot say this for a fact; it is only my belief that the milk was probably cooked in the soap (in turn losing its vitamins and nutrients) or that it only contains enough to list it as an ingredient. Again, that is NOT something I can prove and have not done my homework on it. 

     In conclusion, yes goats milk soap is really wonderful and beneficial! Give it a try 😁. 

  You can find my goats milk soaps and goat bombs at: www.goatbubbles.com and I'm adding new products regularly so keep checking in or simply sign up and you'll get updates on new additions!


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